Windswept manes and honey-soaked sunsets - pretty equestrian photoshoot outside of Ottawa, Ontario

*Hits refresh.* 

(Again, and again, and again.) 

“It’s available!!!” 

I’d been lusting after a skirt which had been sold out (argh!) every time I checked for weeks but, after diligently checking the Spell & the Gypsy website, I saw it - the Grace Tulle Maxi Skirt in all it’s stunning whimsical sultry beauty and it was AVAILABLE! I’ve never smashed the ‘add to cart’ button so quickly in all of my internet purchasing days! 

‘What does this skirt have to do with anything?’ you ask.

I photograph equestrians and the incredible harmony they share with their humans. For a few years now, I have dreamt of creating a sun-soaked image of a woman riding bareback through a field while a modern boho skirt blows beautifully in the wind behind her. This idea has been in the back of my mind for ages and the minute I saw this skirt, I KNEW it was the missing piece of the puzzle. 

With the wardrobe complete, and after much anticipation, my dear friend and talented equestrian Jeanette walked out of her family's country home with tumbling curls, a simple top and this dreamy skirt. As she floated across the lush grass pastures barefoot I knew in my heart that this was it; my vision was coming together.

With every camera click, I became giddy because I knew we were capturing something magical. From the honey-soaked scenes to the incredible horses we worked with it was like watching a dream unfold before my eyes. Everyone stopped when Jeanette was handed a three month old kitten - we let out a collective “awwwww” as the kitten nuzzled in her arms.

As the sun sighed it’s way towards the horizon, Jeanette rode her way to the nearby Ottawa river. While the horses played in the water, the skirt moved effortlessly around her and it was beyond dreamy. The color of the skirt soaked by the light was a reflection of the effortless way the piece melded with the natural elements in the image and was an expression of the effortless harmony that Jeanette and the horses shared.

To say that this is the shoot I’ve been wanting to create for ages in an understatement! I’m completely obsessed with the results - what do you think? 

Want a completely customized and fully styled equestrian shoot of your very own?

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