The Most Beautiful Equestrian Photography Book of All Time

Looking for a little inspiration and a whole lot of beautiful images?

My all-time favorite photography book, which is without a doubt a classic at this point, is Roberto Dustesco’s, The Wild Horses of Sable Island. As a young girl I remember first seeing the images of windswept manes and wild roaming horses that Roberto Dutesco captured on the small remote island of Sable Island. His images stuck with me and have inspired me ever since - they are all at once nostalgic, chic and timeless.

It was a genuine treat to visit his gallery in New York last summer and see his stunning prints in person - they truly are breathtaking. While, I wasn’t able to purchase one of his prints, I did buy his coffee table book which has some of his most famous pieces in it. The cover image “Love” is instantly recognizable and is one of his most brilliant pieces IMO.

This beautiful coffee table book is a tribute to the Sable Island horses who are thought to be cast ashore from shipwrecks long ago and have survived without human intervention or involvement. They truly are incredible and one day I hope to visit Sable Island to photograph the horses and witness Roberto’s inspiration.

The wild Horses of Sable Island.png

If you’re looking for more information on his book you can check it out it here:

Samantha Mirzaee