5 Photography Essentials for Equestrian Photographers

Aside from the standard gear (you know, a camera and a lens or five) here are my go-to, must-have equestrian photography essentials that I cannot live without.

Coffee - the elixir of life and all things good. ‘Nuff said.

Coffee and horses

Stud Muffins - I have yet to see a horse who didn’t appreciate a Stud Muffin treat.

(And, no I’m not sponsored by them and I don’t get any kick-backs in any way...but hey, Stud Muffins, if you’re reading this, let’s talk!!) 

Bug Spray - in summer around sunset in tall grass when I’m crouching down and occasionally laying flat-out to get “the shot” I cannot do without human bug spray.

Do the mosquitoes love you too? Because they sure have got a sweet spot for me! 

My cell phone - ok this one might seem generic but my phone is my GPS, podcast player, flight status checker, gas-station finder (I’ve come close to running on empty many times on my way home from shoots) and, most importantly, ‘horse sound’ machine.

What? Yep, horse sound machine - whenever I can’t get those ears perked up I pull out my phone and google horse sounds and (with the owners permission of course) play those and without fail, the ears go up right on cue.'

Patience! That’s not an actual thing!?

I know I’m cheating a bit with this one, but it’s honestly the truth. I couldn’t do what I do if I wasn’t patient. Sometimes you have to wait 30 minutes to get “THE” shot because you’re waiting for the horse to behave, the light to be just right…sometimes the stars need to align juuuuust so, in order for everything to come together in one magical shot. And this requires a TON of patience. I think that’s one of the most important things horses have to teach us though - they give us the opportunities to practice patience and that is so beautiful.

So that’s my list! I’m sure there are a million other things I bring with me on a regular basis but I’d love to hear your go-to list when you’re around horses! What can’t you live without?!