In the Spirit of Horse Podcast - Review

On the 45 minute drive to the barn, I am almost always listening to podcasts to pass the time. I have my favorite non-horsey podcasts (Joe Rogan, Oprah, Sam Harris) and, recently, I started listening to, In the Spirit of Horse by Mosie Trewitt.

I had originally discovered Mosie on Instagram and started following her because of her positive horse(wo)manship practices and her deep respect for horses. She has an incredible bond with her herd (as evidenced by beautiful photos and her conviction when speaking).

In the Spirit of Horse podcast

In the Spirit of Horse Podcast

While the podcast is still in its infancy, there are now 30 episodes (as of November 1, 2018) and, in them, she tackles subjects like authenticity, the pressures on equestrians and guilt with horses.

I really appreciate the approach that Mosie has taken. It’s the horses safety and comfort first and foremost and this is something I can really resonate with. It’s a vast departure from the “traditional” equestrian world and it takes guts to walk a different path. It’s interesting to listen to her perspective and I think that it’s important to learn from as many people as possible in this horsey-world so that you can take the very best ideas back and apply them to your own practice. Also, kudos to her for branching out into the podcasting world and creating something for the equestrian community!

One small thing...

If I did have a critique it’s that the opening music is SO spa-like I can’t listen to the podcast when I’m tired because it makes me snoozy. (Don’t be offended Mosie, the same thing happens to me when I listen to Sam Harris - super interesting, but it gets me snoozy every-time!)

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!