7 Reasons You Should Invest in Horse Photography

7. You will be in the photos

How many photos of your horse do you have on your phone? Probably hundreds…. am I right? When you take photos, you miss out on the opportunity to be in the photo and to have your relationship, performance and progress captured!

6. Quality Images

No matter how good the tech on our smartphones gets, it’ll never replace professional gear operated by a knowledgeable photographer.

5. Image Processing

Strong photographers know that capturing a phenomenal image ‘in-camera’ is just the beginning. Professional images are processed to color-correct skin tones, adjust contrast, retouch distractions and to let you absolutely shine. Trust me - you won’t get this with a filter on your phone.

4. The Details

Great photographers will put you in a position to look your best, avoid distractions in the frame and make you look completely natural. Having someone direct you in real-time takes the pressure off in the moment so that you can look your best.

3. An Outside Perspective

It never ceases to make me smile when I hear how excited people are to see the sweet moment I’ve captured in camera. You don’t get to see the little interactions that take place between you and your horse because you’re in the moment - let an experienced photographer capture that for you!

2. Knowledge and Experience

Photographers are constantly working on and honing their craft just like you work on your horsemanship. There are always new techniques to learn, new technologies to master and new concepts to implement so that you can look your best.

1. It’s all about you!

More than the beautiful photos you’ll receive, the photography process is an experience. When you hire a photographer, your session is just as much about having fun and taking the opportunity to focus on yourself (how often do you get to do that?!) as it is about capturing the beautiful partnership and bond you share with your horse.

The moments we share are fleeting and life moves too quickly, so it’s important to take the time to reflect on where we are and to celebrate that. Timeless images are something you will treasure and look back on with fondness for years to come.

Whether it’s with me or someone else, I encourage you to consider having professional photos taken.