Behind the scenes of a styled shoot: Horses & High Fashion

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible pleasure of photographing a styled shoot that was, in a word, breathtaking. It was one of my favorite shoots to date and I’m honoured to have worked with such an incredible team. 

We arrived at the Kastle Rock Gypsy Farm early in the afternoon so that Kaitlyn (our absolutely STUNNING model and talented equestrian) could have her hair and makeup done by Shannon Doyle of SD Beauty. Shannon was involved from the start to pull together this short notice shoot and she took it to the next level by inviting Stacey of Sinders Bridal House and Kelly’s Flowers of Perth to join in the fun! 

I was blown away by my experience with everyone - let me give you the behind the scenes scoop:

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Equestrian Photography - 6 Reasons Why You Should Have Photos Taken with your Horse

You’ve definitely done this.

You look at your horse and say to yourself, “Wow! I can’t believe how far we’ve come!”

You’ve been working so hard and before you know it, you think - where has the time gone? We should have some photos taken…

Then the next season comes and goes, and then the next, and the next, and the next and...holy moly 2 years have gone by and you STILL haven’t done it.

So in case you are on the fence, here are the 6 reasons I think are the most important to have photos taken with your horse.

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Everything you need to know about Horse Lover's Weekend at Upper Canada Village

Horse Lover’s Weekend at Upper Canada Village (in Morrisburg, Ontario) is filled with the very best things a horse lover could imagine including demonstrations by phenomenal horsemen and women such as Farrah Green (horsemanship specialist and President of the International Horsemanship Association), Lindsay Partridge (founder of Harmony Horsemanship) with her lovely Thoroughbred mare Fairly, the Capital Cowgirl drill team (wow, those girls can ride!), Kariane Lafrance and her beautiful horse Spirit, Ken Reid’s phenomenal driving demonstration with the team from Reid Acre Farms, the Scottish Horse Whisperer and amazing activities including wagon rides, a parade, an intro to becoming a horse whisperer, a race and a full-blown mock horse auction!!!

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Capturing memories - Jemma, Toby & Bella

Jemma’s session was a blast - between the “comedian” of horses (aka. Toby, a chestnut quarter horse gelding who is the most hilarious horse you will ever meet) and the incredibly sweet and stunning bay mare, Bella, I had so much fun documenting these three with my lens.

While I hope she enjoys the images now, I’d like to think that Jemma will one day look back on these photos and cherish them and the memories of her summers spent around horses.

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Just arrived! Rose & Courage

In this lovely sunset session, Rose and her Standardbred gelding Courage, show off the depth and breadth of their relationship.

Courage absolutely LOVED when Rose challenged him to keep up with her at liberty and his saucy head tosses and powerful stance showed it! And just as quickly as he can be confident and full of life, he can also be incredibly sweet and serene. I love how these two challenge each other - the dynamic between them works so beautifully!

Does your horse keep you on your toes?

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