Samantha Mirzaee Photography
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Behind the scenes…

Hi! I'm Samantha. I photograph horses and the people that love them.

I love them all - from photographing award winning stallions to rescues in remote places, I think each horse has the ability to tell us a little bit more about ourselves and the world we live in. I’ll travel anywhere I can find horses and a good story. (Check out some of my work here!)

I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my husband and our dachshund, Penny.

Yes please, I'll take three!

Yes please, I'll take three!


“The horse is a great equalizer, he doesn’t care how good looking you are, or how rich you are or how powerful you are— he takes you for how you make him feel.”

- Buck Brannaman

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Once upon a time…

The back story.

When I was a young girl, I took horseback riding lessons. I loved going to the barn on Saturdays, playing with the barn cats, horses and the occasional litter of puppies. As I grew older though, "life" got in the way and I stopped riding. Fast-forward to 2017; I had the opportunity to get back in the saddle and I have not looked back since.

I found an incredible barn that has become my second-home, a horse named Banner who I absolutely adore and the best coaches. After a year of working with Banner, I was beyond ecstatic when my coaches gifted him to me. We have come a long way in our journey and we'll continue learning together day-by-day.


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