Hi, I'm Samantha.

My passion is capturing images of horses and people which highlight their deep connection and partnership. I love surprising people with how amazing their bond is when seen through my lens. If you're here, then you're ready for that experience.

While primarily being self-taught, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and study various techniques and approaches that have helped me cultivate my own style. When I'm not photographing commissioned sessions or at the barn, I'm working on fine art projects and continuing to hone my craft.


The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel


The back story.

When I was young, I was fortunate enough to take horseback riding lessons. I loved going to the barn on Saturdays, playing with the barn cats, horses and the occasional litter of puppies. As I grew older though, "life" got in the way and I stopped riding. Fast-forward to 2017; I had the opportunity to get back in the saddle and I have not looked back since.

I found an incredible barn that has become my second-home, a horse named Banner who I absolutely adore and the best coaches. After a year of working with Banner and learning together, I was beyond ecstatic when my coaches gifted him to me. We have come a long way in our journey and we'll continue learning together day by day.